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2018 National Championship review

Congratulations to all of our fencers who qualified and participated in the 2018 Fencing National Championship. The National Championship is organized every year around the end of June. Every year more than 5000 fencers from all around the country compete for 10 days in close to a 100 different categories. These categories based on age and classification: Youth10, Y12, Y14, Cadet, Junior, Div1, Div1A, Div2, Div3, Veteran40, Vet50, Vet60, Vet70. This year 14 fencers qualified from the Rockland Fencers Club.

Huge congratulations to our top performing fencers:

Jim Neale 7th place in Vet60 men's epee

Layla Roy 12th place in Y10 women's foil

Michael Kang 13th place in DIV1A men's epee

Peter Shine 16th place in DIV3 men's epee

William Kim 32nd place in Y14 men's epee

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