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Strong Showing for RFC Members at the Premier RJCC/RYC

The Premier RJCC/RYC was held in Parsippany NJ over the weekend and the Rockland Fencers Club (RFC) walked away with 4 medals and new ratings earned.


Michael Kang & Peter Shine medaled in their respective events. Michael in Junior Mens Epee was ready off the heels of the Junior Olypics and went undefeated in pools. He continued to dominate till the Semi-Final round where he lost a close bout and walked away with a Bronze Medal.

Peter fenced in the Cadet Mens Epee event and needed to work hard in direct eliminations after a 21st place seed following the pool round. He stepped up and beat higher seeded fencers in back to back direct eliminations and lost by 1 touch to make the Semi-Final round.

Maxine Shvachkin fenced in the Junior Womens Epee event and finished in the top 8 with an inspired performance. She finished the pool round with a 3-3 record beating the number 4 seed on her way to the quarter final. She came up against a strong competitors and fell a few touches short to make the semi-finals.


Lalya Roy had a great event and finished 3rd in the Y10 Womens Foil Event. She started slow with a 1-4 record in the pool round but woke up for the direct eliminations by knocking out the number 7 seed in the first DE.

Kayla Shaw fenced well in Junior Womens Foil and finished just outside of the medal round but did earn her D18 with an impressive 9th place finish. Way to go Kayla and all those who competed over the weekend. Keep up the good work and medal count!

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