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More medals and new ratings from the Premier Regional Cadet and Junior Circuit

Congratulations to all of our fencers who competed during the weekend. It has been a very busy weekend between all the college, high school and regional competitions. We very much appreciate the commitment and hard work of our competitors who fenced during the weekend especially the ones fenced multiple events.

The highlights of the top results:

Maxine Shvachkin won the Premier cadet regional circuit and earned her C2018. Maxine fenced very consistent during the tournament winning most of her matches with confident lead all the way. In the final Maxine came back from a 3 touch deficit in the last minute and ended up winning by one point in overtime.

Michael Kang also showed very strong fencing through the weekend and finished 2nd out of 50 fencers in the cadet event. Mike went undefeated in the pool and won 4 direct elimination matches to make the final.

Layla Roy won the New York Fencers Club Y10 women's foil event. This is her second gold medal in her age group this year.

Congratulations to our medalists for their great results!

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