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3 Gold Medals by RFC Fencers

Congratulations to Layla Roy, Logan Bobrow, and Brian Park on winning gold medals. Layla led the charge at the NJFA Region 3 Regional Youth Circuit Y-10 women’s foil. Seeded third after the pool round, she went undefeated in direct elimination rounds and beat Chloe Wang from Massachusetts 10:3. We wish Layla more great achievements and luck at the coming SYC in Richmond, VA, and North American Cup in Baltimore, MD.

Brian Park in Mens Epee and Logan Bobrow in Mens Foil won their Division II events held at the Rockland Fencers Club. Brian and Logan both went undefeated in pools and went on to win all their direct elimination bouts, taking gold and earning a E18. Congratulations to all RFC fencers this weekend and look forward to many more results.

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