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Rockland Fencers Club: Season Opening Success

Over the weekend the RFC hosted a USFA sanctioned tournament with over 70 fencers from the surrounding area. Fencing events were held in both Foil and Epee with both Mens & Womens events. September is the kickoff of the USFA season and the RFC was happy to give out several ratings and host such a great event. Results are below and congratulations to all those who attended:

Senior Men's Epee:

1st - Ian Sanders

2nd - Sam Dembicer

3rd - Daniel Crocket

3rd - Kirk Visser


Senior Men's Foil:

1st - Ryan Scarpa

2nd - Malcolm Jackson

3rd - William Badrigian

3rd - Nicholas Beja


Division II Mixed Epee:

1st - Malcolm Jackson

2nd - Michael Kang

3rd - Gideon Spano

3rd - Richard Bell


Division II Mixed Foil

1st - Nicholas Beja

2nd - Francesco Spirli

3rd - Frank Riccio

3rd - William Badrigian

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